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Topic subjectYour "listening and building" is EXACTLY the problem in the USA..AND NZ..!!!
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30493, Your "listening and building" is EXACTLY the problem in the USA..AND NZ..!!!
Posted by The SpeedyExpress, Fri May-06-05 07:19 PM
You Americans seem MORE interested in basking in the glow of your own self-enchantment than REALLY LEARNING ANYTHING and its VERY annoying to those of us who are half-intelligent enough to PERCEIVE your sillyness and the RESULTS with EVERY U.S.A. election year !!!@!

The watered down crap I see on this message board can't help but to be reflected in the demise of anything progressive or TRULY forward thinking both in YOUR country and ,2 a lesser degree, mine.

You guys have to TOUGHEN UP and GET REAL....you TALK all kinds of sheeeit without ever REALLY "listening or building" anything.

Meanwhile ,the Corporate/Business Government sits back and LAUGHS heartily and your effete self-enchantment...ha-ha-haaa...bwaaaHaaahh...

Please don't rebutt me with some sheeeit about.."what have YOU done ?"

I could be an Amaru Indian hunkered down in some Peruvian forrest and you'd impugn my credibility for the lack of a better retort....so please just ...THINK a LITTLE HARDER...thats all..