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Topic subjectcan't belive I'm arguing with someone's alias...
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30485, can't belive I'm arguing with someone's alias...
Posted by love2000, Fri May-06-05 02:14 PM
>Maybe you think this passes for an "informed debate"--I did
>not mention anything about "training wheels"--I SIMPLY tried
>to get you to see the weakness of your forum topic...I guess
>you are not at all interested in a dissenting opinion....a
>2way debate....??

I didn't mention training wheels either... there isn't any debate here in the first place, this is what you fail to grasp. The topic is about gaining a better understanding of the multi-party electorate in the UK and what its benefits may or not be. Once this has been grasped, it is hoped to make a comparison to the US two party system to try to make a comparison between the two.

>Thats what we're here for,isn't it? Or are you just looking
>for a pat on the back?
No, I'm not here for debate. I'm here for understanding. Big difference. There are many people (yourself included obviously) who believe everything has to be a debate instead of shutting the fuck up and trying to learn something from other people from time to time. You can't listen when your mouth is open.

>But since you are so SURE of yourself against censure--VERY
>condescending--EXPLAIN how your "choices" would benefit AA's
>with a British BUSH at the helm?
>please...i gotta see this....

??? how in the hell did we get here? You obviously have an agenda and are trying to turn a learning opportunity into a Bush/Blair bashing exercise. I can't stand Bush just as much as the next okplayer, but there is a time and a place for everything and I don't see the point of bringing my displeasure for our current president into every single topic.

Since we currently don't have any other 'choices', I can not hypothetically assert how these hypothetical people and their hypothetical views would be better for blacks. It would obviously be foolish of me.

So, I yearn to understand what the effects of a multi-party system has on a country other than ours to see how this may / may not affect the political strata in the US.