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Topic subjectSorry,love2000--the topic at hand is just NOT rational...
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30484, Sorry,love2000--the topic at hand is just NOT rational...
Posted by The SpeedyExpress, Fri May-06-05 01:57 PM
Maybe you think this passes for an "informed debate"--I did not mention anything about "training wheels"--I SIMPLY tried to get you to see the weakness of your forum topic...I guess you are not at all interested in a dissenting opinion....a 2way debate....??

Thats what we're here for,isn't it? Or are you just looking for a pat on the back?

But since you are so SURE of yourself against censure--VERY condescending--EXPLAIN how your "choices" would benefit AA's with a British BUSH at the helm?

please...i gotta see this....