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Topic subjectjust look at this list of the numerous parties...
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30480, just look at this list of the numerous parties...
Posted by love2000, Fri May-06-05 12:49 PM
I have no idea what / who any of these are all about, but there is obviously a different approach to elections. This is what I'm trying to understand...


edit: their abbreviation on the BBC site follows the name of the party

Alliance for Change Change
Alliance for Green Socialism AGS
Alternative Party Alternative
Alliance Party Alliance
Ashfield Independents Ashfield
Build Duddon and Morecambe Bridges Bridges
Blair Must Go Party Blair Go
British National Party BNP
British Public Party Brit Public
Clause 28 Clause 28
Community Action Party Community
Common Good Common Good
Community Group Comm Group
Civilisation Party Civil
Church of the Militant Elvis Party Elvis
Conservative Conservative
Christian Peoples Alliance Christian PA
Communist Party of Britain Communist
Croydon Pensions Alliance Croydon
"Death, Dungeons & Taxes " Death
Demanding Honesty in Politics and Whitehall Honesty
Democratic Labour Party Dem Lab
Democratic Socialist Alliance - People Before Profit Dem Socs
Democratic Unionist Party DUP
English Democrats Eng Dems
English Independence Party English Ind
English Parliamentary Party Eng Parl
Families First Fam First
For Integrity And Trust In Government Integrity
Freedom Party FRP
Free Scotland Party Free Scot
Forward Wales Forwd Wales
Get Britian Back Party Britian Back
Green Green
Independent Green Voice Ind Grn
Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern Ind Kid Hosp
Imperial Party Imper Party
Independent Progressive Labour Party Prog Lab
Independent Working Class Association Workers
Iraq War. Not In My Name Iraq
Islam Zinda Baad Platform IZB Platform
Justice Party Justice
Labour Labour
Legalise Cannabis Alliance Cannabis
Local Community Party Local Comm
Liberal Democrat Lib Dem
Liberal Party Liberal
Removal Of Tetramasts In Cornwall Masts
Max Power Party Max
Millennium Council Millennium
Motorcycle News Party Motorbike
Mebyon Kernow Mebyon Kern
Monster Raving Loony Party Loony
Newcastle Academy with Christian Values Party Newcastle
New England Party New England
National Front Nat Front
New Millennium Bean Party Bean Party
Northern Progress N Progress
Operation Christian Vote Christian
Open Forum Open Forum
Organisation of Free Democrats Free Dems
Peace and Progress Peace
Plaid Cymru Plaid Cymru
Progressive Democratic Party Progressive
The Pensioners Party Pensioners
People of Horsham First Party Horsham
Pride in Paisley Party Pride
Pensioners Party Scotland Pens Scot
Personality AND Rational Thinking? Yes! Party PARTY
Publican Party - Free to Smoke Pub Party
Protest Vote Party Protest
Residents` Association of London Res Ass
Respect-Unity Coalition Respect
Resolutionist Party Resolve
Rock `N Rock Loony
Socialist Alternative Soc Alt
Save Bristol North Baths Party Save Baths
Social Democratic & Labour Party SDLP
Socialist Environmental Alliance SEA
Senior Citizens Party OAPs
Sinn Fein Sinn Fein
Scottish Green Party Scottish Grn
Scottish Independence Party Scot Ind
Socialist Labour Party Soc Labour
Silent Majority Party Silent
Safeguard the NHS Save NHS
Socialist Party Socialist
S O S! Voters Against Overdevelopment of Northampton SOS
Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party SSCP
Scottish Socialist Party Scottish Soc
St Albans Party St Alban
Socialist Unity Soc Unity
Scottish Unionist Party Scot Union
Telepathic Partnership Telepathic
Tiger's Eye - the Party for Kids Tiger's Eye
The Community (London Borough of Hounslow) Community
Their Party Their
The People`s Choice! Exclusively For All Peoples
The Peace Party Peace
Third Way Third Way
UK Community Issues Party UK Com
UK Independence Party UKIP
United Kingdom Pathfinders UK Path
Ulster Unionist Party UUP
Virtue Currency Cognitive Appraisal Party Virtue
Veritas Veritas
Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket Yourself
World World
Workers Party Workers
Wessex Regionalists Wessex
Workers Revolutionary Party Workers Rev
Xtraordinary People Party Xtra People
Your Party Your Party