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Topic subjectthat's your topic, not mine. but it's cool.
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30464, that's your topic, not mine. but it's cool.
Posted by love2000, Fri May-06-05 12:38 PM
>is it not?
>The "pruduct" of a Bush/Blair election is Exponential
>Imperialism at the precipice of world wide anarchy and chaos.
>What do you perceive as being "what the system produces"?
>"more choice"?
>What does that mean in a practical sense?

my intent is not to engage in issues of imperialism and domination by world powers, but to gain a greater understanding of the advantages / disadvantages of a three party system.

In a practical sense, many blacks feel they have no other alternative to the democratic party. Knowing this, there is no incentive for them to really address any issues facing blacks. From a practican sense, I wonder if there was a viable third party in the US how it would affect both the democrats and republicans obvious lack of concern for minority issues.