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3086, RE: Look at religion
Posted by blueology3, Tue Nov-11-03 07:40 AM
Also look at blacks as a whole in the western hemisphere. Look how the blacks in Brazil implemented african traditions and values in Condomble, Blacks in cuba with Santeria, Blacks in Haiti with Voudoun, Blacks in America with various denominations of Protestant Christian religion. My grandmother was a Christian who performed rituals that was African, it was just a shame that other familymembers stigmatized it by calling it Voudou, but she was the one who kept the family together, keeping 12 of her children tight was so important because it was part of her values that I wouldn't dare associate with westernization. Now I know alot of bros and sistas from the continent who practice religion as dry as catholicism who will disregard any spiritual aspect of themselves that is not condoned in the catholic religion. The MAAFA has played out in black virtually the same on the continent and the diaspora, with the difference being geographic location and the ability to preserve our traditions.