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Posted by blueology3, Mon Nov-10-03 10:02 AM
it seems like the people who are devaluing history are the people who only use history as a means to self advancement through doors opened by the struggles of the 60-80's.

An Elder by the name of Anderson Thompson state that we need to develop a African Historiography, a study of history. A history that will serve the purpose of unifiying and make us progress through future generations.

When developing a history we have to do so with a grand vision of the future. It's like history deals with the future, and then you tie it to ours past and then deal with the present situation.

Like if you see a woman the first thing you might thing is damn how can I get with her, sleep with her, marry her, or just get to know her (future) from there we have to pull on our past experience, a bro might remember this one joke I said in approaching my ex girlfriend was very successful(history). The once you have your vision for the future and you know from past experience you analyze the present and say well the joke I told was in a different situation so I might want to tailor just a bit for the now (present)