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Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Nov-11-03 08:04 AM
I would be VERY curious to read that Wallace literature; sounds fascinating since I know for a fact that US does such research in order to control and stamp out movements here and abroad. The US seems to have employed it in South America where their methods of quelling insurrection have changed over the years.

however, i gotta say that the back to africa movements/diaspora unity movements are pretty suspect and unfeasible IMO. I had an extensive debate about this with a professor once when we were discussing, ugh, some Bell parable about this mystical land where blacks could prosper and establish their own nation that was inhospitable to white people (which completely ignores other things in critical race and justice studies like mixed race/cultural identity, biological constructs of race etc, but thats beside the point of the story as it turns out). Anyway, in the story once everyone is organized to go the place sinks into the ocean or some tragic shit like that and everyone has to return to America. The morals come in where 1) what happens beforehand (sort of white bashing, but mostly accurate) and 2) that the unification towards a goal gives the people strength to get together in America. That seems suspect because of the short memory thing, but nevertheless I can see that cat's point

Anyway, she made this to be a big issue where "would you go to this mystical place and leave the US forever?" if you are/were black? All but one white girl said no (I suspect she was kissing ass), meaning 100% of the black students almost all the white students said they would stay. The professor, whom I suspect is a lunatic for reasons aside from this, ardently said she would leave pretty much no matter what. Knowing that she was one of those people who basically appeases white people to stay in a job but genuinely thinks they are all totally clueless save for Joe Feagin and a few "good ones" I shouldnt have gotten into this with her, but I made the obvious points that African Americans are now such a separate group from black Africans and have become so mixed culturally and biologically that they would have a damn tough time going back to say, Africa, and moreover, should neither be forced to leave nor wish to leave a community and culture in which they should take pride. I am surprised she didnt bring up institutional warfare against blacks because that is a damn good point, but her whole thing was this cut and dry systemic racism stuff that I suspect comes straight from some factory that manufactures jargin for ethnic studies courses (if they are too "b(U)y-the-book, I feel like they are missing the point/mark).

Incidentally, Frederick Douglass staunchly opposed return to Africa sentiment and following slavery it was mostly confused and frightened whites, Lincoln included, who were shipping former slaves back to Africa. To ligthen things a bit, it's like what Eddie Griffin says "white people are like, why dont you go back to africa?...What the fuck am I gonna do in Africa? Get there and say 'where Mumbotu's house? Past the huts, by the elephant hang a left and there it is? Aight, cool." Obviously that's oversimplifying and employs a sterotypical view of Africa (images at least) but it makes the point.

I think black Americans are in large part, stuck here; physically AND mentally. That they are experiencing many problems white Americans are (though often in unique ways) means that both sides should join efforts to combat them. That is what I was getting at a couple of weeks ago when I was talking with zorasmoon about the similarities between black/white troubles despite numerous social disparities. Yes, foreign consciousness should play a factor for both, but I do not necessarily think it would cause a rift between the two. The process I am talking about is removed from the all together westernized unity through greed; it is one of educating oneself about various world cultures and not limiting oneself based upon race. If you look at Huey Newton, dude studied African, classical European, South American and Asian literature and Philosophy. That type of inquisitiveness is what can kick open doors and lead to unity beyond wearing the same Jay Z reeboks.

All pretty much pipe dreams though, better stick to
"GET $"