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Topic subjectRE: i think these are both valid points
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3053, RE: i think these are both valid points
Posted by blueology3, Tue Nov-11-03 07:14 AM
that said, i dont think you can completely discredit the notion of a cultural middle point because even though it has a LONG way to go, I think that higher educational systems are making an ongoing effort to create awareness through cultural studies being implemented into a variety of disciplines. Considering that such reforms only began following the Civil Rights Act in any widespread fashion and even then they were dissimilar to today's programs, this movement is still in its infancy compared to the structure it is combating.

I don't want to get caught up in debating this point because only time will tell, but I feel like this infancy stage of cultural homogeneity is more so an illusion than anything else. If blacks in this country seriously made any attempts to build cultural and political ties with say Ghana, this would be directly against the pseudo acculteration notion that is embraced here and would be attacked as ferociously at the BPP movement was.

Anythony Wallace wrote an article called Revitalization Movements , his research was all about classifying and analyzing different movements so that the government could create the best policy for stamping them out. The best way is to control the leader ship, worse case scenario domestic warfare on the group.

Basically what I am saying yeah there can be progress towards a middle point only if we continue to march towards total westernization and become isolated to our brethren on the continent and the rest of the diaspora. This is what makes us a troublesome group, the only thing that is keeping blatant hostility mild is our Identity Crisis.

Check out Anthony Wallace- Revitalization Movements and Edward Shils Centre and Periphery and Colour: The universal intellectual center and the Afro/Asian intellectual. People like to say you've been reading too much of those "Afrocentric" scholars who just want to be "mad" about something and that's the general attitude of many people who want to ignore reality. The thing is the same thing them cats are saying is exactly what top euro "social scientist" scholars who are advisiing the gov't are saying.

If you wanna check out the articles I mentioned I can give you the info to access them online. Another book is American Dilemma it's all about how to deal with (policy) this troublesome group in America.