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Topic subjectRE: i think these are both valid points
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3052, RE: i think these are both valid points
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Nov-11-03 06:08 AM
blueology articulated some of the problems I was talking about better than I did; there are definitely some very negative aspects of distorted black culture being adopted by whites and vice versa as has been explored at length (basically capitalism running rampant in both cultures).

that said, i dont think you can completely discredit the notion of a cultural middle point because even though it has a LONG way to go, I think that higher educational systems are making an ongoing effort to create awareness through cultural studies being implemented into a variety of disciplines. Considering that such reforms only began following the Civil Rights Act in any widespread fashion and even then they were dissimilar to today's programs, this movement is still in its infancy compared to the structure it is combating.