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Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Mon Nov-10-03 02:35 PM
I think that is a way of looking at it indeed, that we are getting to a cultural midpoint and in fact I think that is the legit conclusion that can be drawn from his statement about white/black americans and their similarities in the face of pretty different immigrant cultures.

As far as whites getting blacker, judging from garb, lexicon, and so on, that is pretty evident; and the fact they are suffering from many of the same problems in terms of losing culture, community and history are as well.

I didnt even really think about it, but just about every post here considers this a very negative trend and didnt mention the simultaneous phenomenon of whites looking to adopt aspects of black culture; although I think some of those efforts are very misguided (though blacks looking to emulate whites in ways may be as well).

And how about the class issue? In Sloshing Towards Gommorah (sp, mostly a wack book with some good points in the intro chapters), the author talks about how normalizing up and making behavior once acceptable seem deviant in law separates the lower and particularly middle class from the upper class. He also states that this is made possible by a prior movement of the middle class to accept some level of the "lower class's" behavior as acceptable (usually things that should have been all along, but that is my read, not his). If race defines class in America, as many believe this can be seen as ongoing in America. Even if it does not in one's view, the growing number of middle class blacks and the permeation of "ghetto" black culture deeper into middle class white culture evidence it to some degree as well in the face of an upper class that is ever-widening the gap between itself and the vast majority of the country.

But anyway, what do other heads think about this middle point? I got some of that from what Tom was saying but it wasnt really phrased that way by him or in my thinking...