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Topic subjectMusic is entertainment Eli
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3048, Music is entertainment Eli
Posted by CantCBob, Mon Nov-10-03 01:56 PM
its not meant to raise kids. its meant for people to listen and have a good time. end of story, its not the end of the world. white people don't look to the Nirvanas and Guns 'N Roses of the world to raise their kids, Indian people don't ask Ravi Shankar to teach their kids values, so why make black people do it? its just entertainment. and I'd argue that just as blacks may be getting whiter, whites are getting blacker. Everyone is just moving towards a cultural midpoint that reflects all of America. what's so wrong with this. should we really have groups of people all doing only the shit others in their group do?> that's bullshit. I think what's really happening is that people are slowly finding out that we're not as different as history and society would have us think.

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