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Topic subjectYeah I'm aware of all that...
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30401, Yeah I'm aware of all that...
Posted by brokenchains79, Tue May-03-05 08:51 PM
I'm just saying we have to be careful of not confusing "heritage" especially if we are at a point where we are deconstructing and reconstructing education. Certain claims have to be crystal clear, i.e, if we say the concept of such and such came from here we have to know how it existed in KMT and how it was transformed by Greeks and why, to know the difference might help distinguish between a particular ethos that currently exist. To simply say the Greeks stole whatever, and think it is now what it was then could very well justify someone maintaining certain practices that he/she think is "African"

Some of the most dangerous Blacks in
the world are many of those brothers
and sisters who finished graduate
school "with honors" and yet operate
against the interest of Blacks because
of their Eurocentric orientation.
Dr. Bobby E. Wright