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30400, RE: You're all over the place...
Posted by Akhenaten, Tue May-03-05 01:42 PM
Only reason I think there was/is a major push to expose (despiritualized) Greek Philosophy as a watered down version of KMT's culture is because the "so-called" historians of the last few centuries convientely overlooked any contributions out of Afrika (among other blatant atrocities.) It has been and still widely believed that Ancient Greece is the birthplace of (today's) Civilization. Which is an outright lie. It can be further argued in reverse that the Greek Civilization did not contribute much if anything to civilization.

I look at it as a paternity case. The father adopted the child, gave him all his knowledge, let him go free, the son was mischevious, eventhough at first he acknowledged his father he twisted the knowledge to best fit him, he went on too have offspring that he taught this twisted knowledge, they claimed their father as the author of the knowledge, they always knew the truth, they came into power and spread their lies. Eventhough, the children have went astray. The father's family still have to claim the B*ST*RDS.