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Topic subjectRE: Well Kemet/egypt is a African civilization
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30377, RE: Well Kemet/egypt is a African civilization
Posted by Taharka, Wed Apr-27-05 06:41 PM
>so is it true that kemet came far enough before sumer to
>qualify as the parent of modern civilization and the model
>which all following civilizations draw their inspiration from
>either directly through study in kemet or indirectly through
>study from people who studied in kemet?

It may sound bias but other than the chariot Sumer and civilizations to the North contribute nothing to KMT. This is evident in the few hundred years the hyksos shepardic kings ruled KMT. Nothing new was created and KMT was placed in a intellectual dark age.

>so how can we put the sumerian assertion that their
>civilization was created by aliens from the tenth planet as
>well as humanity itself?

I don't know much about sumerian philosophy or beliefs so I couldn't tell you.

>that helps. i've been working against the assumption that
>africans are ignorant and backwards, never created anything of
>lasting value, and deserved to be enslaved because it gave
>them such great opportunities in the land of the free. i think
>this has been laid down thick by the their-storians not
>our-storians for the past two to three hundred years, and
>compounds upon 400 years of slavery, current economic
>destablilization and exploitation to produce a particularly
>virulent cocktail of missinformation. one which you could
>spend your entire life time trying to remedy. i don't want to
>treat the symtom so i'm trying to identify the problem or the
>illness at it's root.

>i think this missinformation is a root cause for african
>suffering world wide. and the reclamation of our legacy is

>so i guess i too am trying to be like taharka in the 42nd (?)
>dynasty. reclaiming egypt and all history. and putting the
>african in his rightfull place.

The 25th dynasty and the last golden age of KMT but I got the point.

>or abubakari. or many of the great africans of old.

AbubaKari Sunni Ali Ber Nzinga Amina Tenkinamen etc.etc.