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Topic subjectRE: what I mean is the "iceman" theory is wrong
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30363, RE: what I mean is the "iceman" theory is wrong
Posted by Harmonia, Thu Apr-28-05 07:06 PM
>I know you are not advocating the EXTREME iceman theory per
>say, but this whole "cold weather turns original people
>into white people" thing that some take away from that is
>WRONG. Peace.

Are you referring to the idea that Europeans are recessive or something like that?
No, I don't believe in that.
Adaptation to the environment happens through random genetic mutations in which some mutations perpetuate in climates that favor it. If there weren't genetic mutations, all humans would still look the same, but even moreso, new species couldn't evolve. There is a general pattern between cold climates with less sunlight and populations with light skin. I'm sure you know about the Vitamin D/rickets theory behind this. There are still many variations in appearance that haven't been explained yet, but one would assume it's related to adaptation of the environment.
The Inuit were the very last of the migrations that populated the New World. This explains why the Inuit look much different from the rest of the native populations and more closely resemble their Asian ancestors. Most native peoples of the Americas are from much older migrations 15,000 years ago. The Inuit are more recent ( I can't remember the exact dates), and up until recently the Inuit were still travelling back and forth between the Arctic and Siberia.

Also, careful when using the word eugenics.