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Topic subjectRE: depends upon your definition of civilization....
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30356, RE: depends upon your definition of civilization....
Posted by Harmonia, Wed Apr-27-05 09:52 PM

>ok, i had heard that the shang dynasty of china was started by
>africans and that 80% of chinese people have african dna. what
>of the african connection through abubakari to the olmecs and
>evidence of previous african contact with those civilizations,
>such as cocaine in the pharoe's tomb? i'm not trying to
>discredit anyone elses achievement. personally i believe we're
>all african, except for those of us in denial who believe in
>aliens. i'm more inclined to believe that before we all were
>discovered we were in constant contact through inter
>continental trade. so we all came from africa originally and
>were in commerce and contact with each other while we
>developed separate racial characteristics over time. i don't
>want to over compensate in my theories, so i appreciate this
>would you consider the fertile crescent a part of africa? and
>when did things get started in western and southern africa?

The Shang Dynasty was not started by Africans. I have never heard anything of the sort and more importantly any evidence to back it up. Much later dynasties, I believe the Song (but don't quote me) had contact with Africans. There's this one painting by a Song artist that depicts a foreign convoy bringing gifts to the Chinese emperor and there are Africans with exotic goods depicted. Is it really that hard to believe, the Chinese founded their own culture, that Egyptians founded their own culture, and that Sumerians and Akkadians founded their own culture?
Cultures have been interacting since the beginning of human culture and the process is not one sided.
Can you link me to the study that says 80% of Chinese have African DNA. You do realize that we all have African DNA therefore telling me that 80% of the Chinese population has African DNA is meaningless. That is the concept behind the whole mitochondrial Eve. All present day populations can be linked back to an African woman 150,000 years ago.
As far as the cocaine in the pharoah's tomb, you do realize that those tombs have been looted for thousands of years and there is much contamination in them, meainig the cocaine found does not mean that it was deposited at the time of the pharoah. This is where archaeology and dating methods can be very useful, because they may be able to date that cocaine, or at the very least identify what species of plant it comes from and what are its components. As I'm sure you know there is a big different between how the natives of America used coca leaf, they chewed it with the aide of limestone versus the current practice of using cocaine. To this day I have not seen a study on what exactly this cocaine was and if it has been dated and broken down. Therefore I find it more likely it was the result of contamination by looters. I'd also like to point out there is no depiction of cocaine use in Egyptian art.
I've heard about the theories surrounding the Olmec - African connection and it is still speculation. There is no hardcore evidence that can support this.