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Topic subjectdepends upon your definition of civilization....
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30352, depends upon your definition of civilization....
Posted by Harmonia, Wed Apr-27-05 06:51 AM
meaning whether you are classifying in terms of empire, kingdom, city-state, territoy, etc.
You could back even further than the civilizations you mentioned to the time when agriculture first took place in the Fertile Crescent. To me, that is what dramatically changed the human experience, because up until that point we were hunter-gatherers living a nomadic lifestyle.

The Sumerians weren't an empire, but more like a centralized state. Sumerian civilization dates are approxmiately 2900 - 2350 BC. After Sumer, King Sargon established what many feel was technically the first empire. The dates for the Akkadian Empire are from 2334 - 2230 BC.
Egypt didn't become an empire until the new kingdom in which it expanded its territory into Nubia and the Levant, however the dynastic period of Egypt meaning when we can clearly idenity Egyptian pharaohs began around 3000 BC when King Narmer unified upper and lower Egypt.
I'm not sure which African civlizations you are talking about, so you're gonna have to be more specific.

As far as where black, whites, etc came from...we are all the same species originating from east Africa 150,000 years ago. When Homo sapiens left Africa, they adapted to various climates which explains why such variations in appearance took place. However, we are all very similar genetically. And yes Africans are the oldest populations because there is more genetic diversity within the continent of Africa than outside of it, meaning Africans have been around the longest and have had more time to diversify.