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Topic subjectthe sumerians/the akkadians/the egyptians/the africans...
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30351, the sumerians/the akkadians/the egyptians/the africans...
Posted by urthanheaven, Wed Apr-27-05 02:41 AM
who came first? is african civilization really the first civilization? are we trying to claim things that aren't ours?

lately this question has become a sort of what came first the chicken or the egg for me. my initial attitude and what has characterised a fair bit of my investigation may have been reactionary. i know that black people are being and have been written out of history. however, is a blanket claiming of everything out there on the face of the planet as african accurate? did all people really come from africa? does all civilization come from africa? is the middle east really african?

i would appreciate a discussion to back or discredit the argument for african primacy... or rather, who came first?

other questions, if black people didn't come first, where did we come from? where do white people come from?

ultimately we're all human (except for shape shifting lizards... but i'm trying real hard to leave that alone!) and we all are born from a set of parents older than us. and if you go back far enough we should all have a common ancestor, hence the 'african eve' theory. we all can breed together, regardless of 'race' which means that we are all in the same species...

i'm trying to discredit those damn shape shifting giant aliens who 'created' seperate types of humans. i've seen how isolation environment and time affect a species producing different sub groups like preying mantis and beetles tailored to their surroundings, this i can verify through logic and reading, it seems the same with the human race.

help! i may have hit a dead end and could use some different oppinions and perspectives on the origin of the species.