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Topic subjectEnough with the RHETORIC
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30348, Enough with the RHETORIC
Posted by AmenRA, Thu Apr-28-05 09:06 PM
"You ain't saying nuttin new"

You can't talk about Shit-Hop without talking about the money or profitability that it brings to White Amerikkka and a small percentage of negroes.....This is not some reactionary bullshit, blaming the white man, but the reality of the situtaiton is Shit-Hop as we know it, is largely marketed towards white teenagers. Shit-Hop is just like any other money making scheme that a small percentage of Black folk benefit from...WE generate WEALTH for White Folk; Therefore, when you talk about the death of "hip-hop", you must address the fundamental issue, which is much more than lack of responsibility. If Black folk are apathetic about most of the issues that affect them in this country, what in the hell makes you think that we will use any energy in reclaiming "our" ART.

In the long run, Rappers are not loyal to their race or ethnic group, but to Capitalism......