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30346, whats entertaining about it, is a...
Posted by blaXXX, Thu Apr-28-05 10:44 AM
question for White-Racism, don't you think?

After all, that IS WHAT they go out and buy to help Black rapping-misogynists---go platinum right?

They don't go buy the conscious message, do they? hmmmm...your children and students are JUST LIKE US they use the television/radio/surroundings to shape their aspirations-----its about who is there to help them distinguish veracious Black Life from "fake-Equality"...right? You would likely be awed w/ the amt. of times I MYSELF am asked why do I 'waste time' creating rap/lyricism within my OWN veRAPcity styles at that link below...I'm amused now, when folk challenge me about why do I disseminate conscious messages vs. buy into creating what could, and does, make niggus RICH

Same conceptuality goes for the epmd's and other old-skool Acts you alluded to----they did the EXACT SAME thing 50 Cent/Ying Yang types do NOW...right? Difference is, rap was brand new then; existing within boundaries of THAT PARTICULAR PLACE IN TIME which did not allow for the vulgarity that the FCC paves the way for today.

You think you take issues with this TODAY?-----What until 15-20 years from now!!!! I HATE imagining what they'll MAKE SURE they give niggus/Blackfolk the venue & forums for, to ensure that we keep helping perpetuate that "Image" which White's Powerful Racism needs...for validating CONTINUALLY entrenching us in 2nd-Class citizenship we absorb here.

Entertainment is ALL THAT they gave us, since The Slave Trade...right? Who entertained Massah' and his Slave-owning friends? The Slave Trade had an Oprah, an few MJ's as well...folk who, along with house niggus, were those Blacks which White-racists allowed to 'somewhat' Prosper during those Times...this is FACT. For, even then, our ability to ENTERTAIN was priceless.

Today, this society WILLFULLY & INTENTIONALLY refuses to esteem Black Professionals (as equally as Black Entertainers) unless, they 'peculiarly' stay silent about veracious White-Racism...Moreover, you saw the recent Corporate Scandals right? When the ENRONS/WorldComs/ArthurAndersen/Halliburton scandal-players w/ access to Multitudes of Million$, began exiting limo's to enter Courtrooms, and enter lucrative Playboy Magz. photo-shoots ------where THE HELL were the HI-honor HBCU grads?

50 years we've been receiving "those" school's Diplomas and no NIGGU aspired to be there in Corporate repping our "13% Black populous" within those Executive positions of Corporations existing as the REAL Face of America to the World?????? And, we can't HIDE from the fact that its the SAME scenario for Blackfolk throughout all of Corporate America. Yet, many of us self-proclaimed 'strong' Blackfolk have NOOOOO problem with OUR youth growing-up to wear suits to work everyday-----to go chase THAT fake-Equality.

I pray for your increased cognizance toward the REAL factors that yielded a 50 cent/Ying Yang Twins/Dip Set/gangsta rap/etc.-----and to hopefully cease blaming them for being creative, with that which Racism gave them----try blaming fake-Equality that caused them to become what we hear.

I can't do what they do, in my material; but I much rather hear/know that they rap about that vulgarity, versus hear that they wound up somewhere bowing-down TUMULTOUSLY to White-Racism----Condi Rice/Clarence Thomas style!!

And lastly, your piece was long-----just as you said it would be-----and I enjoyed it plus revere it because, I felt you inadvertantly made A GREAT case for Blackfolk's "Reparation for Separation!" Effort...and I'm appreciative of that.