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Topic subjectRap Is Part Of Capitalism
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30345, Rap Is Part Of Capitalism
Posted by kaytomah, Thu Apr-28-05 10:07 AM
I read everything and I think No one suggested the most important fact about the path hip hop culture is taking, Capitalism. Of course, Tate said it best when he stress that hip hop was first pimped by African-American & Latinos. Along the way folks who grew up admiring T. Montana and reaganomic or were direct victims of Ray-Gun policies and Bush 1 "war on drugs" realized that shit I can do the same thing...this is why niggas are going for theirs. Economics and capitalism has become so primary in folks' lives that everything is forgotten and eventually this is what will Murder our culture...the greed of our griots!

I grew up admiring folks like Steve Biko, George Jackson, Marley and Krs-One. Importantly, I grew up admiring my grandmother and the values that she was teaching. So when I came to the US, I had a foundation that was solid and I knew that my acts must reflect these value system that I was taught. As a result, I like BDP, Brand Nubian, Paris, The Coup, ATCQ, JB, Jamalski, YZ, PE, PRT...

The fact is hip hop can mean many things to different folks and we, the consumers must make make artist meet our needs. I learned about the Panthers through hip hop, so it really come down to who you or what foundation that child has...Let's give every child we know that listen to hip hop a mix disc to teach them

Yo, I love the way I am and canít nobody out here change me
Rearrange me, tame me, try to game me, you donít play me
When I grab the mic then shock the party spot
Your rhymes are flip-flop, Iíll rock, hip-hop
Non-stop, me nah stop rock
You can touch