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Topic subjectRE: My thoughts on Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Effects of Hip Hop
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30340, RE: My thoughts on Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Effects of Hip Hop
Posted by ninarross99, Thu Apr-28-05 03:06 AM
"The basis of the workshop is this: we presented students with a certain hit, for example we used Khia's My neck, My back as one, then went over the lyrics, word by word, watched the video, then held open discussions on how these words affect them. Half of the girls didn't even realize half of the crap they were repeating! But the running line was "The beat is hot". "

I definitely agree...I can recall walking home recently, past a group of young black girls (13, 14, maybe 15 years old) sitting at the bus stop, singing (at the top of their lungs) the lyrics to Khia's "my neck, my back." Now I am not going to be so naive as to say they don't what they are singing about..but chances are it was about 1) a hot beat 2)In a sick/twisted way about Female Empowerment (more on my hip-hop feminist theories later) 3)Being young, hanging out with your friends and feeling the music

I say this because I can remember being in junior high and acting a FOOL!! Listening to crazy music (I wanted to be an "around the way girl" I won't front), singing like I had no sense...but you know what I ended up okay...

However, I did walk away from those girls stunned. I have listened to some well-articulated points above. I definitely cannot say music is the scapegoat to societies ills...however I cannot help but wonder how these current lyrics affect a young girls self-image!!(agree or not, but the lyrics weren't like this 12 years ago!) Granted if she has parents at home telling her she is beautiful, smart and able maybe it doesn't. But for those who's reality is the contrary...

So what can we do about this?? Ideas anyone?
I think being a mentor is Huge, I would like to see more workshops/conversations with young people in hopes of deconstructing the messages and beats they are hearing...