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Posted by B, Tue Apr-26-05 10:28 PM
good look on the counterflow. definitely want to take in a variety of perspectives.

when i write the okp news and the other stuff i pen, i often don't go into it w/ a specific starting point or theme. i sit down for a second, think about how i feel, look for an angle, then dive in. the ying yang and r. kelly stuff has been on my brain for a minute so i let it fly; my post was an attempt to expand on what wouldn't fit into the okp news.

i definitely don't think that the problems of blacks, americans, the world, solely sit in hip-hop's lap, or even the broader "media." things are much deeper. maybe even on some esoteric spiritual ish, of which i am definitely not versed. but i've got theories...

for me, the bottomline, as a parent and educator is to figure out what does it take to raise the village. what does the village look like? be clear, "wait 'til you see my dick" does not fit into the equation. period. but understanding how/why this song was written, how/why it was released as a single, why we're not only accepting it but bumping it EVERYWHERE, and why no one seems to be asking any questions - these things are important, because this gives a glimpse at some of the bigger issues. it's not just about money. we've been getting fucked, and fucking ourselves, for free for years. we've got to stop fooling ourselves and making excuses. yes, there are other questions to be asked. but the answer to the question i asked today - "do our kids need to be hearing this bullshit" - is "no." there's really no argument.