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Topic subjectI always respond to these posts - This post is unadulterated bullshit
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30330, I always respond to these posts - This post is unadulterated bullshit
Posted by k_orr, Tue Apr-26-05 04:59 PM
And you know it.

Of the major factors in a child's life
0) biology and genetics
1) parents
2) immediate family
3) extended family
4) religion
5) school
6) friends
7) neighbors
8) neighborhood
9) city, county, region, state, nation
10) Government

Why would anyone with any semblance of intelligence put "wait till you see my dick" at the top of the list?

Why would you even put it on the list to begin with?

You think cats in Cali is joining gangs cause SNOOP DOGG said it was cool? YOU THINK SNOOP JOINED A GANG CAUSE OF RAP MUSIC? LOL

What kinda fantasy world are you living in?

You think little black teenage girls are getting pregnant because KHIA said "my neck and my back"?


Stop your "eloquent ranting" and actually focus on a real issue.
Property taxes? Police brutality? Lack of low-skill jobs?
Inadequate education? hell, i'll even got suave bro on you, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

But fucking ying yang?

Like the world is gonna change if we took all the sex and violence off of TV and the radio?

Niggas got hacked the fuck up in Rwanda. You think they was bumping Pac and Biggie while that shit was jumping off?

White folks stay listening to rap, you think Biff and Becky is getting pregnant and shooting up spots for street cred?

There are millions upon millions of black children who've grown up listening to hip hop over the past 26 years - of those few that fucked up and are dead or in jail or teenage mothers or have now knowledge of self - how important do you think hip hop music, albums, or videos really was to the decisions they made in their lives?

Do you people even hear yourselves?
Do you ever really stop to think?
Do you ever go to a black school, see a bunch of cats in Air Force ones, baggy jeans, white t's, and braids - and assume they are *all* impregnating women at night and selling drugs by day? 50%? lol

You watch videos for 5 years, and now you a gangsta? lol.

The cats who go off the deep end, or get caught up (depends on your politics), had way more going on than listening to Cash Money.

And until you folks stop trying to place blame on insignificant and trivial bullshit like radio and video playlists, things will continue on.

Like crack cocaine wasn't running shit during the old school era.

Crime rates have gone down since the mid 80's. If you don't believe me, holla @ the fbi stats.

k. orr