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Topic subjectI think we have to have a healthy alternative. U said it urself.
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30326, I think we have to have a healthy alternative. U said it urself.
Posted by FireBrand, Tue Apr-26-05 12:45 PM
Had ur folks not been on you, u would got caught up. I can honestly say the same goes for me. I think of folk I thought were cool, and woulda hung with had my folks not demanded I finished my homework before I played outside, I think of the things i didn't dare try cus I knew my dad could catch me, and I'd be in trouble or that someone would see me and tell on me.

I mean, folk don't take time to really CARE for their children, to raise them.

And we live in communities where noone is willing to be that a member of that village- to stand up.

Sometimes I do, but I aint gonna lie, sometimes I'm just plain scurred to cus I don't know if shorty has a gun or if momma got a gun and is crazy.

I think afolk gotta say enough is enough and we gotta come together to talk about this shit.

I mean artists that have a so called positive moniker attached to them ...I can't play that shit around elders or kids.

All that cursing

All that gun talk.

Where is the fucking balance? And why are those that were once concerned with that blanace concerned no longer?

Are we at the point where we just gotta say turn of the radio, unlplug the internet and cancel the cable?

I hope not.


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