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Topic subjectTo help you make the point.
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30319, To help you make the point.
Posted by Kozmikblak, Thu Apr-28-05 06:48 AM
>The radio only plays what the people want to hear. Get on an
>MTA bus or a Metro subway and listen to the headphones of
>people. G-Unit, Game, Fat Joe, or whatever is hot at the
>moment is blastin into their ear. That's what they want to
>hear or they wouldn't have spent $18.99 on a CD. So that's
>what the radio plays. Now that's not to say these same people
>wouldn't listen to an OKP artist either. Most of them just
>haven't been exposed to it. Because the big seller is sex,
>drugs, and violence. Enter 'The Rapeover'. Mos proved his
>point most effectively when the track was taken off 'The New
>Danger' by the powers that be.
>"Why do they choose to play that instead of the roots or
>blackstar? Thats a tough one. No respect for the culture or
>the black community and youth in general is one reason. If
>they did care, they would act differently. But more
>importantly, they are giving people what they want."
>You further prove my point.
>"I couldn't disagree more. Some people are, but most don't
>down "real" music. If they did, it would be on the radio.
>capitalism at work. And it is pure, free-market capitalism
>drivin by nothing more than money. There is a big difference
>between this and responsible capitalism which will take cuts
>in profits if it's for the greater good."
>They don't get down to real music because THEY DON'T HEAR IT.
>For most people they're only means of music is the radio. They
>don't have VH1 Soul or for that matter cable. Or the money to
>experiment with buying 'Like Water For Chocolate' just to see
>if they like it. They'll listen to what they know they like.
>Hard beats and so-so lyrics.
Radio determines what the people want to hear. Check out this article and pay attention to the part about the New York Attorney's probe.


As a community we are under attack. How many artists have told you that the A&R gives them their image, and tells them what their content should? This is what's hot. If you are not doing this your not going to sell.


"Hope you find a good A&R man" -Diamond D

"...you cats are undercover like GAY rappers dealing with MYSTERY." -Talib Kweli This means you, from Reflection Eternal

"I don't blame Tiger Woods, but I overstand the mental poison that's even worse than drugs" -nas poison