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30316, RE: co-sign, co-sign, co-sign
Posted by PleaseNoBakon, Tue Apr-26-05 12:59 PM
>There needs to be more responsibility for self within the
>community, and not all of this apathy crap. Do blacks get the
>short end of the stick? Of course we do. But can I make that
>stick work for me? Absolutely.

I'm not sure what you mean by making this work for you.

>Music is the language and the pulse of the people.

I highly disagree with this statement. Music was the language and the pulse of the people. Now it is not. Certian music may speak to some people in important ways, but by and large, music is nothing more than a commodity. Would Mos droppin the Rapeover joint be distributed by labels if they're weren't a market for it? Hell no. I heard Saul Williams talkin about all the negativity thats on the airwaves and he stated that hip hop has become Republican. Its not about caring, or community or anything else it should be about. It is about making money.

>Whatever is going on within hip-hop is what's going on in society. I >don't listen to our "urban" radio station here in Baltimore because
>they're strictly commerical and all they play is garbage.
>They're in a position to influnce a large body of people with
>their music selection and constantly choose to flood the
>airwaves with G-Unit and Lil' John.

Yeah, I'm from the area too so I know what your sayin. But you don't have to be in the area to understand b/c that shit is everywhere. Why? Because thats what the people in charge of the 2 or 3 companies who own all the radio stations decide to play. Why do they choose to play that instead of the roots or blackstar? Thats a tough one. No respect for the culture or the black community and youth in general is one reason. If they did care, they would act differently. But more importantly, they are giving people what they want.

IMPORTANT LESSON: Things that appeal to people usually appeal to them on the lowest common denominator. It is easy to appeal to peoples base insticts.

>If they played The Roots or Black Star a few times a week, I >guarantee they'll be requests for it. People are hungry for that.

I couldn't disagree more. Some people are, but most don't get down "real" music. If they did, it would be on the radio. It's capitalism at work. And it is pure, free-market capitalism drivin by nothing more than money. There is a big difference between this and responsible capitalism which will take cuts in profits if it's for the greater good.

>The real. But even with "conscious" rap, you have to be careful. Some
>artists try to walk the line between making "gangsta" and
>responsible music. In any event we take responsibility for
>what our kids listen too.

We cant control what our kids see and hear unless we lock them in a box. Whether radio, tv, magazines, the internet, billboards when are we not being bombasted by the media. Pretty much only when we sleep. Its no different for kids. You can't hide it from them or them it. The best you can do is teach them to know right from wrong and hope they are smart/ lucky enough to not get caught up in anything too grimy.

And if it's something I'm trying to
>shield from them so much, why am I listening to it?

Because hopefully you know the difference and don't let it influence you, whereas they are too young to know and are easily misled.