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30315, RE: co-sign, co-sign, co-sign
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Thu Apr-28-05 08:04 AM
I understand what you're sayin man, but it's not like it can't be done. Not contradicting yourself to appease the masses I mean. Look at The Roots for example. They've never gone from their base. They've been consistent from 'Do You Want More' all the way to 'The Tipping Point'. Without betraying their integrity or their fans. So it's not impossible. Nas sold out. In the literal sense. He made records to get himself some money. There's nothing wrong with making money, but when you have to stand on both sides of the fence to do it, it just comes off as fake. Black Thought is just as good an emcee as Nas, if not better, but you've never seen him switch up from the real. That's why The Roots get so much love, because they stayed true to themselves. And rightly call themselves 'The LEGENDARY Roots Crew'.