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30313, RE: co-sign, co-sign, co-sign
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Tue Apr-26-05 12:44 PM
Yeah I'm talkin about 92q. They phony. They don't even support the local artists here. There are world class musicians in Baltimore, but since they have some common sense about them, they get no love from the radio. Case and point: Fertile Ground. I can't even put into words how ill they are, so I won't try. They've been around the world, but alot of people in Baltimore have never heard of them. It's a crime.

Nas is confused, for real. He was one of my favorite rappers, but he's inconsistent. He's one of the main people talking about being yourself, and awareness in the community, but he flip flop constantly. He's a gangbanger on this song, and then on the next he's telling me "What goes around, comes around..." The Game is the same way. He shows he has a conscious on one track, and on the other murder, murder, murder. It's ridiculous. There is NOTHING cool about death. What does it say about our culture when we glorify that kind of life?

The Roots carry the lantern, Black Star carries the lantern, all of Native Tongue carries the lantern, and most recently Little Brother.
More people need to just be real with themselves and stop being afraid to be "different". And by that I mean making music that actually uplifts. Cuz the same cats that make all this thug music, DON'T LIVE IN THE HOOD ANYMORE. If they love it so much, they should just go back and stop rapping. Be real about it. But they won't. Because they want peace in their lives, just as much as a "backpacker". These thug artists are some of the most phony people on the planet.

The real music is underground. The Harriet Tubman hymns. Freeing slaves from the lies of radio. I like that. I'm gonna put that in my sig.