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30312, RE: co-sign, co-sign, co-sign
Posted by askreamer, Tue Apr-26-05 12:12 PM

>But even with "conscious" rap, you have to be careful. Some
>artists try to walk the line between making "gangsta" and
>responsible music. In any event we take responsibility for
>what our kids listen too. And if it's something I'm trying to
>shield from them so much, why am I listening to it?

yeah, like what the fuck is up w/ Nas dropping "I Can" less than a year after "Oochie Wally?"

would that be 92Q that you're referring to? I haven't lived in charm City in some time, but that was the one when I did.

I do have faith in young people's ability to discern right from wrong, and listen critically to what they hear on a daily basis. The problem is, there's hardly any right to choose from.