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Topic subjectRE: damn, he *does* look like Darth Sidious!
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30307, RE: damn, he *does* look like Darth Sidious!
Posted by mesthebronzeman, Thu Apr-21-05 12:09 PM
what the phuck does a white racist pedophile being named head of the catholic church have do with black people?

Q. When has joseph Ratzinger been convicted of pedophailia? thats right never...does shielding pedophiles (which i do agree is a disgusting act the church needs to stop immediatly) make you a pedophile? thats right it doesnt. White racist? Yeah if conscription into hitler youth, which he left as soon as possible (to join the priesthood) then refusal to join the nazi party with his convinced anti nazi father,then deserting the vanguard which he was conscripted into in 1945 makes you a racist. So fuck up and dont disort truth! what it has to do with black peoples already been made, in terms of conservatism yeah hes conservative and "anti marxist" but if you were head of a church would you not be against an ideology that promotes atheism?? makes sense to me like, also all these people wanting a liberal pope, i think my local insanely conservative priest made a very valid point for once in his life "Since when is the church a democracy? Also we cant go changing rules willy nilly, 2000 years of history and then aww sure whats history? some "media liberals" (i had to laugh at that though) want the church to suit them more so we just cave in? if you dont like the catholic church dont go, you should be taking more concern of your own faith than commenting on ours"