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Topic subjectRE: New Pope: Joseph Ratzinger.
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30280, RE: New Pope: Joseph Ratzinger.
Posted by foxnesn, Tue Apr-19-05 03:02 PM
>This really sucks. With all of the problems the church has
>it needed to elect a liberal pope who was ready to make some
>changes. Instead they elect a 79 year old german who isnt
>going to change anything. Germany isnt even a catholic
>nation. Elect a Latin American pope, where the people of the
>church are found. Or a Nigerian pope that can recruit new
>members to the church. This pope is going to leave everything
>the same, and people are going to become disinfranchised and
>leave the church. This is a terrible move.

truth is objective and can be known, it isnt something you can just chnge on a whim to satisfy people so they wont feel bad for being a certain way or acting a ecrtain way. christianity and catholicism should stick to its guns, not cater to a group of people that are immoral.