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Topic subjectLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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30276, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by zewari, Wed Apr-20-05 03:44 PM
anyone else catch the irony of "expertise" writing this?

>He's one of those sideway-thinkers that assume if something
>happens within a subsection of a group, it's going on
>throughout the whole group. By that logic, all black people
>smoke crack and have bastard children.

i'm gonna quote this next time you come w/ some bigotted statement about muslims.

“Stand out firmly for Justice as witness before God, even against yourselves, against your kin and against your parents, against people who are rich or poor. Do not follow your inclinations or desires lest you deviate from Justice."
-Qur’an 4:135