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Topic subjectRE: **C A L L I N G ***A L L *** A C T I V I S T S**
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30175, RE: **C A L L I N G ***A L L *** A C T I V I S T S**
Posted by HavoK07, Thu Mar-10-05 05:09 AM
"sometimes get frustrated with this board when I find more argument than actual active movement, so rather than simply bitching about it I figured I would make a real activist post (as I see it)."

"3. What is the biggest issue your community faces? (im talking local community) "

That's dumb as hell. You ask why you argue here all the time, and then answer your own question. Yall New York Niggas is slow for real. Happy as niggas.

You argue because all you have are questions, and no answers. Damn, stupidity makes me want to vomit.

What the fuck are you all trying to activate? Your mother fuckin Jerry Curls? Idiots.

Ask Chicago what the biggest problem is...... murder and drugs. Crackhead ass niggas.