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30168, RE: **C A L L I N G ***A L L *** A C T I V I S T S**
Posted by latif888, Fri Feb-25-05 06:12 PM
For the last seven years, I worked on a non-profit funded organic farm. We worked on solar energy as well, and some outreach education with anyone interested, including kids. Surplus produce went to low income housing projects and homeless shelters in the community.

Unfortunately, at 28, I've recently been diagnosed with malabsorption syndrome and some other yet to be determined but very debilitating autoimmune disorder, so I had to quit working there.

Now, I have to figure out what kind of good project I can do while sick...I have been a musician on the side so perhaps I can do something with that...but as someone mentioned already on this thread it is hard to get other musicians inspired to do something remotely altruistic.

Nevertheless, thanks for this post. Most people just talk and talk and talk and talk about how messed up everything is but don't do shit to make it a better place. It's nice to hear from a few people who do.

so...i guess i'll make this a musician's personal while I am at it. Versatile musician(primarily bassist) who is relocating soon to Philadelphia seeks like minded musicians to form socially conscious band.