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Topic subjectwhat if you've already posting up ACTUAL
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30163, what if you've already posting up ACTUAL
Posted by blaXXX, Mon Feb-21-05 02:55 AM
DEEDS? Especially 'go it alone' type causes.

they were pretty much heckling my Works...mainly because they're so REAL-----most Activists don't want to join in, via, that fear of today's Tumultuous White-racism...example:

I listed an effort of mine in petitioning this STATE'S Governors' office about racial-profiling minorities are absorbing in predominantly-Black or Hispanic communities, regarding the "Click-It or Ticket"-Legislation being enforced in America now...cats just looked at that, like, oh well good for you. Still, they saw no issue at Hand...from what I could tell in posts/responses to it.

I also, had a Roc-A-Fella rep contact my re: my music...until they discovered what I anticipated re: Community-uplifting--------from any Label/sponsor that I have a relationship with and...you better believe them mufu's ran scared!