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Topic subjectRE: **C A L L I N G ***A L L *** A C T I V I S T S**
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30156, RE: **C A L L I N G ***A L L *** A C T I V I S T S**
Posted by Deselune, Fri Feb-18-05 07:00 AM
>1. Is their a local activist/community upliftment group
>that you are involved with?
~I volunteer with the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Camden County, which basically means that I'm an unpaid social worker for a child in out of home placement in the DYFS system. I also volunteer with On Your Feet Project Philly (www.oyfp.org). We do PR and events for other NPOs looking to get the work out about thier missions and expand thier volunteer base. If you know of any orgs looking for help like that let me know. I do some side work for Planned Parenthood and I "organize" the Camden March for Women meetup group although that's kinda fallin' apart so I don't know if it counts any more. And last but not least I work for the National Conference for Community and Justice where I facilitate diveristy workshops for youth.

>2. What do you do on a monthly basis to work towards
>change? (posting on these boards does not count)
~see above

That's all I got for now!