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Topic subjectGood post.
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30143, Good post.
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Feb-17-05 01:37 PM

>1. Is their a local activist/community upliftment group
>that you are involved with? Post up a link. Lets find out
>what is out there and see what other people are doing.
>(mine is www.coloradohiphop.org, check out the articles on
>the news page)

I'm notactive anymore now that I'm back in school but:
www.ayaed.com is where I loved to help out.

They have a warrior and healers session upcoming if u in the A and u interested. It costs, but it's a quality program- totally Afrikan centered, and its just a dope space for learning, fellowship, and growth.

>2. What do you do on a monthly basis to work towards
>change? (posting on these boards does not count)

I try to be active in small ways now that my free time is limited between NorthernArc, school, work and house hunting. I give to programs, I donate. I put events up on northernarc's website so those inclined know that some of them events is out there. course, our boards are down AGAIN, but hey- stuff happens.
>3. What is the biggest issue your community faces? (im
>talking local community)

Economic development: Housing, Maximizing on untapped talent in the community, and jobs (I'd like to see more apprenticed based learning for those with special challenges that can't attend school for various reasons or join a mason or tech school program- basically for homeless cats and ex prisoners willing to work).

>4. How can we as individual people realstically make an

Get out there. do what you can. "Slow motion better than no motion." (c) Kanye.

Avi? We fittna do it.

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