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30139, I'm game
Posted by Nettrice, Thu Feb-17-05 01:17 PM
>Please respond by answering these questions (dont have to
>answer all of them if you dont want to)
>1. Is their a local activist/community upliftment group
>that you are involved with? Post up a link.

http://dayprogram.net/ (this is my "baby")
http://www.ctcnet.org/ (I'm on the board)
http://www.cpcs.umb.edu/main-nonflash.html (I designed the overall site and I'm adjunct faculty in the Community Media & Technology program)

>2. What do you do on a monthly basis to work towards
>change? (posting on these boards does not count)

I am helping to develop art and technology program for youth and tech skills training to support programs for at-risk youth and the disadvantaged, with a particular emphasis on 21st century learning, academic support, and ICT Literacy.  Project-based, arts, or media, and technology programs are my specialty, esp. helping young people gain skills that prepare them for college and tomorrow’s workforce.

>3. What is the biggest issue your community faces? (im
>talking local community)

I am not really "local" but I am trying to make my "world" a little smaller right now. For the past few years, I've been traveling and helping lots of local communities. As a teacher I notice that many urban kids are lacking in "21 century" skills, mainly the ability to adapt to change, juggle multiple responsibilities and routinely make decisions on their own. Rather than rely on technology training I prefer to focus on the creative and "wholistic" aspects of development.

>4. How can we as individual people realstically make an

I say start from your own corner. If you ask people they will respond based on what they know, are interested in or good at.