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Topic subjectAnti-Poverty Committee
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30137, Anti-Poverty Committee
Posted by ZachG, Fri Feb-18-05 08:53 PM
Thanks for giving me a forum to present my resume.
1. Vancouver has an Anti-Poverty Committee organized to wage pro-bono suits and legal aid to those who cannot afford it. It is a campaign set to expose the discrimination against the poor and underprivalaged on the part of the city and law enforcement.
Check it out at http://apc.resist.ca/home

2. I meet regularly with the activists at this group to plan events, and currently we have a benefit concert organized to raise funds and awareness. I also sit on my campus' Africa Awareness club, and this month we tabled and brought speakers to talk about the situation in Sudan's Darfur region.

3. The biggest issue that Vancouver faces, like many communities across North America is economic and racial discrimination, with one almost always linked to the other.

4. As individual, especially as students, we can influence the minds and opinions of others in our social circles and on our campuses. University is where many of tomorrow's leaders ge their ideas. Political parties in Canada actively recruit from colleges, and we are lobbying student government and promoting candidates that advocate progessive politics in the comminity.