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Topic subjectRE: **C A L L I N G ***A L L *** A C T I V I S T S**
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30133, RE: **C A L L I N G ***A L L *** A C T I V I S T S**
Posted by solomon13, Thu Feb-17-05 01:02 PM
>I sometimes get frustrated with this board when I find more
>argument than actual active movement, so rather than simply
>bitching about it I figured I would make a real activist
>post (as I see it).

Say word!

>>1. Is their a local activist/community upliftment group
>that you are involved with? Post up a link. Lets find out
>what is out there and see what other people are doing.
>(mine is www.coloradohiphop.org, check out the articles on
>the news page)

The world stage in leimert park (l.a.) it's a real cool place and their trying to do some things for the community www.theworldstage.org

>2. What do you do on a monthly basis to work towards
>change? (posting on these boards does not count)

Right now I'm just gathering information. I'm exploring the idea of a 3rd party movement spurred by blk folk, or a possible take-over of the NAACP and steering them in a more militant direction. Why recreate the wheel (c) Tavis Smiley

>3. What is the biggest issue your community faces? (im
>talking local community)

Violence & Crime.

>4. How can we as individual people realstically make an

This is tough, but I believe it starts w/a concetrated effort to really address the real issues at the root of these problems rather than ignoring them or hiding from them.