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Posted by 1seeker, Thu Feb-17-05 12:55 PM
I sometimes get frustrated with this board when I find more argument than actual active movement, so rather than simply bitching about it I figured I would make a real activist post (as I see it).

OKP Activist, lets make this board a resource rather than a venue for argument.

Please respond by answering these questions (dont have to answer all of them if you dont want to)

1. Is their a local activist/community upliftment group that you are involved with? Post up a link. Lets find out what is out there and see what other people are doing.
(mine is www.coloradohiphop.org, check out the articles on the news page)

2. What do you do on a monthly basis to work towards change? (posting on these boards does not count)

3. What is the biggest issue your community faces? (im talking local community)

4. How can we as individual people realstically make an impact?