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Topic subjecthere's some of mine..
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3039, here's some of mine..
Posted by LK1, Fri Nov-14-03 05:37 AM
-Work out two hours a day and eat healthy foods.
-Do what you enjoy to do with your occupation in life.
-If you have money, and someone obviously needs more money than you, give that someone your money (homeless, charities, children's funds, etc...)
-Read a ton of literature from a ton of different sources.
-Find a good, strong (fine) woman who goes beyond the surface with her discussions and practices philanthropy.
-Speak out against injustices, whether it be worldwide or a dude getting picked on to support someone's ego.
-Don't watch American television. Don't support American newspapers.
-Find God through prayer and research the world's religions. I've found my life's answers in Judeo-Christianity.