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3025, sorry dude . . .
Posted by carterboy, Thu Nov-13-03 10:33 AM
i had some advice for you, but then i read constant's post, an' remembered how depressed i was right now.

and now i can't remember whut i was gonna say. thanks for that.

oh, and sometimes, folks just be in they own world when they walk. i personally am prone to walk with my earphones on, an' i don't really need anythin' to focus my vision on, other than to not run into things, and see where i'm goin'. tho, if you stare me in the eyes, i wont flinch. (whut bothers me is, when your walkin' down the street, an' you see somebody from a distance. the two of you stare at each other for the whole time, until you get close to each other, then they look away like ya'll hadn't just been starin'. why do folks do that?)

the signiture starts now:

Buy the ILLIANCE album: "Under The Bridge." based in detroit, we're jus' tryin' to get our name out. Try the site: www.illiancerecords.com
it has mp3 downloads and feel free to file share them.

I assure you, we're better than the top ten artist out today . . . not that that's really hard to be, but styll, ya'll get the idea. try an' support our up an' comin' artist. peace.