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3024, RE: the "i need advise" post...
Posted by BarTek, Thu Nov-13-03 10:08 AM
Eating right and working out does wonders for sexual health. (Endurance, stamina...I'm talking hours at a time here, ain't no 20 min thang)...I feel the health point. Rest, is what I am only beginning to understand now. I would push my body to extreme limits and sleep for 4 hours a night, on top of smoking reefah and working 10+ hours a day. Needless to say, I suffered. I have come to understand the wisdom in rest and silence.

Then the rest is knowing yourself and what makes you tick, and then learning what makes you tock as well.

Yes, my point of greatest interest. I love to think about what makes up the fabric of my thinking. I believe I can see into my sub conscious mind. It was provoked by mental trauma. Anyways, the adventure has been a beautiful one, cause I see myslef in a different light, or rather, a refraction of what I used to be. I believe anything is possible now, good or bad, and I take that into account each day. It has helped me remain happy for very long periods of time. Not just perceived as happy, but to the level where I can be alone all day and not stop smiling. Great reply. Let's build.