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Topic subjectI got some advice...
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3021, I got some advice...
Posted by constant, Wed Nov-12-03 02:31 PM
-Always believe in your own beauty
-Keep ya head up. Especially when walking. I hate people that never have there head up while i walk by.
-Yeh keep smiling but not too much. Sometimes you gotta have someone ask you what's wrong. Makes you feel like someone cares
-When you find that one, that special someone. Don't blow it.
-Love is just accepting the other person for who he/she is. Then you just gotta stick through it.
-Till death do us part means death due us part. Ain't no such thing as divorce.

My peace has been said. May the world forever change from the words I speak
Stay fresh
"I don't ask for much just enough room to spread these wings and the world fenna know my name" ~Black Thought of The Roots