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Topic subjecthmmmm I know what you mean.
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30108, hmmmm I know what you mean.
Posted by Ioness, Tue Apr-26-05 05:30 AM
It's my aquarius rising.

I strive to make my tone as plain as possible. sometimes when i'm really feeling it the words just flow right out of my heart.


If you could see me, you would also see that Im very animated when i speak this way too...

usually i am motioning from my lips my heart and i am usually touching the person I'm talking to.

I've come to terms with my expressiveness...it's something that I really can not change. it happens too because I am a poet...check out my site below ad read pre-Sent if you can...that was written some 5 years ago...i've toned down a little since then too.

It's easier though for people to feel it when i am speaking with them in person...because my energy is bountiful...on these screens very little of that energy is reflected.