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Topic subjectI know.
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30102, I know.
Posted by Ioness, Mon Apr-25-05 05:25 PM
And some say: "Don't waste your pearls on pigs. Because they don't know its value and so they will just trample it"

I don't agree with either saying. You can lead a horse to water and surely if that horse is thirsty it will drink.

For some people hunger has to be built up for others certain hungers are ignored for other satisfactions.

When i feel as though I am being alienated the first thing i ask my self is: Is it me? Am I projecting my own negative/taking perceptions?
Most of the world that we see is a combination of our experiences, broughtupsy, etc....therefore when I feel a certain way abt a subject...I know that it is really a reflection of my self.

This thought process followed with putting my best positive/giving foot forward leads me to banish those types of downpressive thoughts from my being.

I still remain positive/giving abt this post...irregardless of who i reach. Because my whole point is to do so, and so far I have been successful.