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Topic subjectMy handful of beach sand.
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30094, My handful of beach sand.
Posted by Ioness, Mon Apr-25-05 06:58 AM
this was Gibran’s summary end. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful endings I have read. When I read this poem for the first time I got goose bumps. I could feel the power of the words and the compassion of the author’s spirit.

It stirred within me many different notions and memories and I’ve actually been re-inspired by these words.

The first: O great intelligent Being! Hidden and existing in and for the universe

Made me feel as though I too were crying out to the universe and the I conscience within me

Then: You can hear me because You are within me and You can see me because You are all-seeing;
Reminded me that I am in and of this universe. I Am. Within me you will find god, devil, everything there in and without for I am of and not separate from this and all planes. It reminded me of my own eternity of which even I am not fully aware. As I am trodding in this land, there are moments when I am one with all around me, brief moments when I disappear and am no thing and every thing. My life has taken me in and out of many different flesh stations of mind soul and spirit.
This quote reached inside me and found the place where I wd like to rest my feet.

Finally: please drop within my soul a seed of Your wisdom to grow a sapling in Your forest and to give of Your fruit.

To Repair The Indestructible and to Paint the Ocean Wave with Sand.

When I was growing up I always felt pain, pain for my self and for others. I was not first class, but in Jamaica, I lived very well. I didn’t know suffering, poverty, illiteracy, racism or even classism existed.

When I moved here in 92 I experienced racism for the first time, when my mother and brother and I were driving down Pembroke pines rd in Miramar, FL…a burgundy pick up truck pulled up beside us…when the light turned green, the two white men in the back picked up a shotgun and pointed at us, as though they were cocking back to shoot. I didn’t understand why.

I did my 9th grade year at Miami Carol City highschool, I was in their law magnet program and was as such kept away from the general population. In my class we had a mixture of latinos, people from the carribbean and a handful of white Americans. One day during a conversation they told me that I was black. I was only 13 at the time and still very quiet. I responded loud and proud and said “No I am not black, I am Jamaican.”

They all laughed at me. I couldn’t understand why. I didn’t know racism, In Jamaica it was something that I had seen on TV. And so it was not something that I even understood much less to know that in this country I had an identity and it was black.

Within me, I know that I possess a certain gift. It is the gift to understand and empathize with those around me, My higher calling is one of a healer’s path. When I reflect on when I was younger I guess I knew that others around me were depraved, but I could not overstand why.

In my fifth and sixth grade years, I went to Columbus prep in St. Ann’s Bay. There was a man a bum if you will…who we call mad men or women…his name was mad man terry…they said he was so smart that he went crazy…the other students would give him money and he would recite the Spanish alphabet or count from 1-10 in Arabic….I would always look him in the eye, I was only 9 and ten….and he would always look away…I never asked him to recite anything I guess I always felt uncomfortable.. but mad man terry would talk to me…and I would sit by the fence and talk to him…

I don’t know maybe it’s the fela playing in my back ground but this quote upon reading it now reminds me of all of this.

There was a seed planted in me, I don’t know at what age. I don’t know if it’s my parents and their lives or my grandparents who had a lot to do with my education in my early years. But it is these and a lot more that makes me who I am, that allows me to love hard and give plenty that blesses my steps and keeps me enraptured in its protective embrace.

This is what I have to share, this is what YOU have to share. Indeed, to repair the indestructible ---here is my handful of beach sand.